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Gourmet Foods

Spaghetti Pomodoro 50g Glass

With this aromatic spice preparation you conjure in no time a wonderful pasta dish with the fruity taste of sun-ripened tomatoes and the finest spices.

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BBQ Rub Sweet & Spicy

Used as a rub by itself or mixed with olive oil and, if you like, with honey as a marinade, a wonderfully exotic option for your grilled food. It's a...

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Fried Potato Spice 80g Glass Fasszination

This seasoning is perfect for spicing up your roasted potatoes or mash potatoes. It can also be used for a wide variety of dishes as an all-purpose seasoning. Our must-have...


Linguine Aglio & Basilico 250g

This Italian classic is refined with wheat germ, garlic and basil. Try it with cheese, tomatoes and rockets. This imported pasta is naturally Italian, and delicious. 

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Tagliolini Salmone 250g

This pasta is refined with wheat germ and salmon goes well with seasonal vegetables. One often likes this pasta prepared with a white truffle sauce being a versatile pasta variety,...


Tellicherry-pepper 50 g grinder, Fasszination

From the Malabar Coast in southwestern India, from the region around the port city of Thalassery. Tellicherry pepper is similar to black pepper, but tastes much more intense, more aromatic,...


Sea Salt citrus & pink berries 90 g Grinder, FassZination

Sea salt mixed with aromatic-fresh lemon zest and noble pink berries.

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Delizie com Rosmarino, 100g bag

These crackers are as their name suggests "Delicious", rounded off with rosemary they are an aromatic treat for snacking or with wine and cheese. 

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Bruschette al Pesto

These delicious little slices of bread are made by hand and according to traditional recipes by a manufactory in Italy. Rounded off with the finest olive oil, basil and garlic,...


Farfalle Cinque Sapori 250g

Made with Wheat germ refined and colored. Farfalle can be used in pasta salad, primavera, and goes great with clams or salmon. 

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Artichoke Caponata 190g / 212ml glas

Delicate artichoke hearts are made into a true delicacy with aromatic vegetables and olive oil according to grandmother's recipe in a small family production in Sicily


Aubergine Caponata 190g/212ml glas

Wonderful Aubergine Caponata are made from fresh ingredients by hand according to grandma's recipe in a small family production in Sicily