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Fruit and other Spirits

Vodka 40 % alc. vomFASS Edition

Our vodka is perfect for mixing or drunk by itself. 

From SGD16.10

Sloe spirit from southtyrol 40 % alc.

Our Sloe Brandy is pleasantly soft and harmonious. The fragrance reveals delicate, elegant aromas that are reminiscent of marzipan and bitter almond.

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Marc de Champagne 40 % alc.

Essentially the French version of Grappa, made from Champagne grapes. Delicate, slightly spicy, and with a soft pleasent finish. 

From SGD21.40
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Gin, Harry`s Finest London Dry Gin 40 % Vol.

Our Gin has been distilled four times, having gone through a long maceration of citrus peel, junipers and other spices. It has a delicious and refreshing flavour. Enjoy by itself...

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From SGD19.60
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From SGD21.70