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Fruit Balsamics

Star Wildmango Balsamic

Full bodied, fruity taste of ripe mangos of fair traded Carabao variety.   Excellent as an addition to salads, desserts, meat dishes or as a basis for non-alcoholic aperitifs.

From SGD14.20

Star Plum Balsamic

The Plum Balsam Star captivates not only by its wonderful intense red color, but especially by its full-bodied taste of ripe plums.

From SGD15.00

Star Honey Balsamic

The starting point for this star specialty is our honey balsamic vinegar. After adding selected blossom honey, this star matures at a constant temperature in oak and acacia barrels, giving it...

From SGD24.40

Star Forest Raspberry Balsamic

The intense and unique taste of wild raspberries has almost been forgotten - it's time to rediscover that taste. The wild forest raspberries that we use for our star are still...

From SGD25.00

Star Fig Balsamic

Fig trees are the oldest domesticated crops and have always played an important role in human history. Mostly you get figs today in dried form - all the better that...

From SGD15.00

Star Date Balsamic

An in-house creation that combines the sweetness of the thickened date juice with the harmonious acidity of pure date vinegar. Slightly creamy, this specialty is suitable as a base for...

From SGD15.00

Star Blueberry Balsamic

The blueberry is predestined for creating a particularly noble star specialty. This delicacy features a subtle aroma of ripe blueberries, rounded off by a play of sweetness and acidity. Try it in...

From SGD25.00

Star Apple Balsamic

As a fruit, the apple symbolizes wealth, life, knowledge, and fertility. We think, it just tastes very good and has the makings of a star. Our apple balsam vinegar is...

From SGD14.80

Quince Balsamic

Humanity has known the quince for 4000 years. Reason enough to devote ourselves to creating this delicious fruit vinegar. For the production of quince vinegar, as with our other fruit vinegars, 100%...

From SGD10.20

Pomegranate Balsamic

The pomegranate has been used for thousands of years in the most diverse areas of human life. There are a number of studies that highlight the positive properties also in...

From SGD10.90

Pear Balsamic

The pears used to make this vinegar originate from the orchard meadows in the region of Upper Swabia and like the apples from these meadows, possess an enormous spectrum of...

From SGD8.80

Grape Balsamic

The very mild grape balsam vinegar enhances your leafy lettuce, white meat and poultry. It also pairs nicely with fruit salads and desserts. Thanks to its rich aroma, even the...

From SGD8.20