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Nut and Seed Oils

Cedar nut oil cold-pressed, organic

Order Now. From the nuts of the "Siberian cedar", which grows wild in the taiga and the Altai Mountains, this cold-pressed cedar nut oil is extracted. Nutty, aromatic and spicy, it...

From SGD41.10

Rosehip Seed Oil

A rich,??orange-red colored organic oil from the seeds of the famed Rosehip. This unique oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids and has carried much respect amongst professional journals...

From SGD78.50

Wheat germ oil

With its cereal-like flavor, this orange coloured oil is culinary used in cold food, eg. used for raw food, leaf or vegetable salads. The rich oil is also a great...

From SGD17.70

Walnut oil, FassZination

This superb oil is made from roasted walnuts. It has an intense nut flavor that perfectly underscores endive salad or any other salad. This oil should not be heated otherwise...

From SGD18.20

Pumpkinseed oil from Styria pgi

A real rarity is the "green gold", in the south of Styria, which is obtained from the first pressing of peelless pumpkin seeds. These pumpkins are already a peculiarity and...

From SGD19.20

Pistachio oil, FassZination

A particularly noble and fine oil, which enhances with its sweet-aromatic charm especially desserts, cream dishes and salads, but also fish dishes. Insider tip: a taste highlight is the oil...

From SGD45.20

Hazelnut oil

Truly an exquisite oil with a delicious, nutty taste, making it wonderful to use on cakes and cookies (instead of butter), or as a finish for pasta and vegetables. Use...

From SGD26.00

Grapeseed oil cold-pressed FassZination

This dark green gourmet oil is cold pressed from the tiny seeds of grapes. It tastes of grape, marc and nuts. It is regarded as an all-round talent in the...

From SGD27.70

Flaxseed oil organic, cold pressed

Voil?? - finally the time has come. Our first flaxseed oil from our own production is here! Like all flaxseed oils, this valuable oil is rich in essential ??-linolenic acid...

From SGD15.60

Black cumin oil organic

Order Now. Obtained from the small black seeds of black cumin, this oil is characterized by its spicy, tart taste and high content of essential oils. Mixed with other oils...

From SGD31.10

Avocado oil cold-pressed

Culinary The dark green oil has a soft, slightly fruity and nutty taste with hints of fresh avocados and floral notes. Avocado oil has a similar fatty acid composition as...

From SGD17.20