Volpi Moscato Piemonte DOC 2013 5.5%vol

Volpi Moscato Piemonte DOC 2013 5.5%vol

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Volpi Moscato Piemonte DOC 2013 5.5%vol

The Moscato Piemonte DOC by Volpi is a favorite of many customers. Very aromatic with fine and clear muscat and floral notes in the fragrance and discreet residue sweet and tingling on the tongue.

Technical data

Country of origin: Italy

Region of origin: Piedmont

Vintage: 2016

Type of wine: Sparkling Wine

Quality level: DOC

Yield per hectare: 95 hl

Aroma: Clear and intense nutmeg

Palate: Delicately sweet, very delicate, fruity and typical of the variety, lively mousse, long finish

Serving suggestions: Ideal as an aperitif, with desserts, pastries and cakes

Grapes: Moscato Bianco

Serving: 6 - 8 ° C

Store: about 1 year

Content: 750 ml

Residual sugar: 120.0 g / l

Total acidity: 5.7 g / l

Free SO2: 60.0 mg / l

Total SO2: 160.0 mg / l

Total extract without sugar: 21.3 g / l

Alcohol content: 5.5% vol.

Contains sulfites: Yes