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Highland Single Grain Invergordon 29 Yrs,43%

Rare Auld Single Cask Whiskey

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Speyside Single Malt Whisky "Glentauchers" 18 years 43 % alc.

Yellow golden color. Intense, multi-layered aroma with notes of honey, the finest malt, vanilla and that certain "Speyside-something", just wonderful. On the palate of dense and very harmonic style, noble...

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Speyside Single Malt Whisky "Glenburgie" 43 % Vol. 15 years

This golden coloured Whisky has a Aroma:  Hay, wheat, corn,  fruits & toffee apples Palate: fruity, notes of sweet pears, white grapes with ginger Finish: barley sugar, cesty citrus fruits  

From SGD32.50

Irish Single Malt "Moonshine" 55.5 % alc., cask strength

Sweet, berry flavor with the taste of raisins, juniper and marzipan. Creamy and warm in the finish and just something special that you do not get every day! Our Moonshine...

From SGD22.80

T-spooned Malt Whisky 18 years

With a teaspoon of single malt whisky from a great distillery, this wonderfully classic-spicy whisky has been refined, making it a particularly sought-after rarity, a T-spooned malt whisky. An exquisite malt...

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Speyside Single Malt Whisky "Tormore" 41 % alc. 19 years old

The fragrance is expressive with notes of fruits, malt, chocolate and coffee, in the background delicate smoke. Strong and complex on the palate. Delicate fruit with distinct coffee notes and...

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