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Whisky cream liqueur

Amazing Cream Liqueur with a nice after taste of Scotch Whiskey. Enjoy it pure, "on the rocks" or as a capanion with coffee or sweets

From SGD17.70
From SGD31.40


Well chilled and drunk neat, Vineyard Peach Liqueur is a fine drink for all occasions. Just as refreshing and aromatically elegant when mixed with sparkling wine or Prosecco. 

From SGD18.80

Tartuffetto cacao liqueur with rum

This speciality is handmade exclusively for Vom Fass. The flavour of the finest cacao with a delicate hint of rum gives this exquisite liqueur its richness. Enjoy it on the...

From SGD19.00
From SGD21.70

Rose liqueur

This summer-like liqueur captures the aromas of blooming roses. Ideally mixed with Prosecco or enjoyed pure. 

From SGD20.00
From SGD27.10

Limoncino from Italy

This cold-yellow liqueur is produced according to an old South Italian recipe and extracted from the oils of lemon zest great for having on its own after dinner or for...

From SGD23.40
From SGD17.60

Elderflower liqueur

This light-coloured liqueur is charazterized by the fragrance of elderflowers. Enjoy it with ice cubes or mixed with Prosecco or Chardonnay. 

From SGD18.00