Experience Excellence

For decades, vomFASS has created a direct relationship with the most renowned distilleries around the world. We visit our suppliers on a regular basis and establish a close relationship with them. This way, we can tell you the stories of our producers as well as assuring the products you buy are of excellent quality.

We spend a lot time selecting the best & most unique spirits from around the globe. Not only offer spirits from well-known distilleries but also from rare distilleries too! Though each product is of limited quantity, we are always looking for new, unique and high quality products, so you are always guaranteed to find something special!

Handcrafted with Heart

Every batch has been tasted carefully by our spirit experts in Europe. We pay close attention to the ingredients used, production process, storage, or casks used. Each product has been specially selected for its quality and uniqueness.


We love whiskies at vomFASS, and we exercise this love by spending a lot of time selecting the best ones for you. We are constantly looking for special and rare items, brining you exclusive small batches from Scotland, Ireland, America, Switzerland, India, Germany and many more!


We only carry the finest quality of brandies. Ranging from Cognacs, Armagnacs, Calvados and more! Only the best is good enough, and each product is in accordance with our quality and taste standards. For example, not only are our brandies aged considerably longer than the classification requirements, but our Cognacs are also all exclusively Grande Champagne Cognacs which means they only come from the best “Grand Champagne” territories, legally classified as Premier Cru.