VomFASS is committed to offering superb products and outstanding service while maintaining ecological responsibility.

VomFASS is the premier leader and retailer of exclusive vinegars, fresh oils, select wines and exquisite spirits and liqueurs, poured directly from the cask. A truly novel experience for those who love to savor the finest and most flavorful products from around the globe, we personally invite you to share with us in the experience of "Look · Taste · Enjoy". We base all of our thoughts and actions on our responsibility to consider and respect nature and people.

Ecological Responsibility

Nature is our raw material supplier. For this reason, we deal with these resources responsibly and ensure that all areas of our vomFASS concept are designed to be sustainable. We see it as our ecological responsibility, for example, to allow you to reuse and refill your vomFASS bottles at our retail stores. 

Our company headquarters in Germany is also harmonized with nature. In the course of the year, the building is solar-powered and produces at least as much energy as it consumes.

Regional Responsibility

We take our regional responsibilities seriously, too. We have supported suppliers of regional products for many years now. For example, the apples we procure for products such as our Apple Balsamic Vinegar are required to be exclusively from orchard meadows in the region of Upper Swabia. This is how we contribute toward keeping the region stable enough to support a fair income for farmers to cultivate orchard meadows.

Ethical Responsibility

We also support social projects, such as the fair trade project of Father Shay Cullen, who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times. He directs PREDA, an organization for child protection and fair trade in the Philippines, and has made it his mission to fight for social justice and children's rights.