Highest Quality

At vomFASS, we’ve formed our signature flavors through the use of only the highest quality ingredients. Our strong connections to our artisan producers are essential to ensuring that every ingredient we use is the result of a careful growth and preparation process. The consideration we give to the origin, growing conditions, maturation period, and extraction methods has been critical to providing exceptional quality.

Not only are our oils organically grown and cold pressed, they are from the latest harvest and unfiltered too! Sometimes you will be able to see tiny particles (from the pulp of the ingredient) in our bottles, which prove the genuineness of our oils! These tiny particles are the best part; improving on taste and healthy nutritional content respectfully.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

We seek suppliers who are as concerned about the quality and taste of their olive oil as you are! All our olive oils are "extra virgin olive oils", which is defined by the EU as the highest grade of olive oil available. It is directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our uniquely inspired infused oils are composed of 100% extra virgin olive oil and infused with natural herbs, fruits, vegetables, roots, or mushrooms. These hand-crafted creations contain no artificial flavors or additives unlike most supermarket varieties. This leaves you with full-flavored, aromatic oils that can be used in countless ways from salads and vegetables to meats and starches.

Nut & Seed Oils

Our Nut & Seed oils are made 100% from the said ingredient. The unparalleled flavours of these oils are surely to fulfill all of your cooking and flavoring needs, producing the most delicious and creative meals imaginable.

Taste aside, these oils are also important for nutrition, body care and healing. They have a valuable source of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated fats, linoleic acids, vitamins and more, which are important for our nutritional health.