Jean d`Alibert Merlot Vin de Pays D'OC

Jean d`Alibert Merlot Vin de Pays D'OC

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The Merlot "Jean d’Alibert" is one of the absolute favorite products of our customers. Why? Because it is soft, round and fruity, but not too heavy and is therefore so enjoyable to drink.

Traditional must fermentation followed by storage in wooden barrels for nine months.


The Chantovent cooperative in the south of France is a considerable size and works with 1,500 winemakers. Of course, many different wines are produced, a particularly popular wine being Jean d´Alibert. It is produced on a relatively small domain that also belongs to Chantovent, the "Domaine de Jouarres".

Growing area

The large Languedoc region in the south of France has long been the supplier of bulk wines in Europe, even though there are the best conditions for the production of high-quality wines. Since the mid-1990s, winemakers have begun to rethink and produce high-quality, market-driven wines. The region lies directly on the Mediterranean Sea and stretches from Nîmes to Narbonne. The soils are diverse, but slate and limestone soils are often predominant. The climate is Mediterranean and the most common grape varieties are Carignan and Grenache. The Minervois is located in the Languedoc and is one of the oldest wine-growing regions in France.

Country of origin: France

Region of origin: Languedoc

Vintage: 2019

Type of wine: Red wine

Flavor: dry

Quality level: AOC

Yield per hectare: 75 hl

Aroma: clear and accessible berry scent with light vanilla and herbal hints

Palate: soft on the palate , very clear berry fruit and light aromas of dark chocolate, round and balanced, stimulating, decent finish

Food recommendation: with marinated grill steaks, leg of lamb, pork goulash and braised meat

Drinking: from now on

Grape varieties: 100% Merlot

Serving temperature: 18 - 20 ° C

Storage recommendation: 5 years

content : 750 ml

Company: Mis en bouteille par les celliers Jean d`Alibert á 11160 Rieux - M - France

Residual sugar: 2.5 g / l Total acid: 3.5 g / l Free SO2: 29.0 mg / l Total SO2: 77.0 mg / l alcohol content: 13.0% vol. Contains sulfites: Yes