Schumann Oscar Rheingau Riesling

Schumann Oscar Rheingau Riesling

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Schumann Oscar Rheingau Riesling

A spicy, fresh and very clear white wine, with intense fruit, stone fruit and pome fruit aromas, a fine acidity and an animated finish.


The name Schumann-Nägler is associated with a long winemaking tradition. The family history goes back to 1356. As early as 1438, the family, at that time under Niclas Schumann in Hattenheim, started viniculture. The estate has been run by the family for over 550 years, and experience has been passed down to the 25th generation today. The Schumann-Nägler winery is one of the oldest family-owned wineries. 

Growing area

The Rheingau, located at the 50th latitude, is considered one of the best growing areas in Germany. Since the Rhine flows from east to west here, most of the vineyards face south and are optimally exposed to the sun, which produces exceptional qualities. The Rheingau is particularly known for its Rieslings and Pinot Noir red wines.

Technical data

Country of origin: Germany

Region of origin: Rheingau

Vintage: 2019

Wine type: White wine

Flavor: semi-dry

Quality level: Quality wine b. A.

Yield per hectare: 55 St.

Fragrance: fresh scent of peach, apricot and apple

Taste: pointed-fresh and very clear, intense fruit, stone fruit and pome fruit aromas, fine acidity, animating finish

Food recommendation: with trout or other fish dishes, salads and light poultry dishes

Grape varieties: 100% Riesling

Maturity: from now on

Serving temperature: 6-8° C8-10 ° C

Content: 750 ml

Companies: Vineyard Schumann-Nägler

Residual sugar: 11.5 g / l

Total acidity: 6.9 g / l

Free SO2: 50.0 mg / l

Total SO2: 93.0 mg / l

Total extract without sugar: 21.5 g / l

Alcohol content: 12.0% vol.

Contains sulfites: Yes