Vista Alegre Porto Vintage 1997 20% vol

Vista Alegre Porto Vintage 1997 20% vol

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Vista Alegre Porto Vintage 1997 20% vol

After more than a decade in the bottle, this 1997 has a light red color with a dark brown rim. On the nose there are notes of tobacco, dried fruit and the typical nut flavors, hints of raisins and dark chocolate. The wine is soft and round on the palate, you can tell that the tannins are very fine, the wine is clear and the fruit is lively. In addition to the fine fruit and subtle nut nuances, tones of tobacco, raisins and dark chocolate mix, the sweetness is rather subdued, the wine is very complex and long. A perfect companion for game dishes, fine chocolate desserts or a really good cigar.

Technical data

Country of origin: Portugal

Region of origin: Douro

Vintage: 1997

Wine type: Dessert wine

Flavor: lovely

Quality level: DO postage

Yield per hectare: 28 St.

Fragrance: Notes of tobacco, dried fruit and typical nut flavors in a clear, mature fragrance with hints of dark chocolate and raisins

Taste: soft and round in the mouth, finely ground tannins, elegant fruit with subtle nut flavors, the sweetness perfectly integrated, complex and long

Food recommendation: the perfect companion for game dishes or fine chocolate desserts

Serving temperature: 18 ° C

Recommended storage: 20-30 years

Content: 750 ml

Companies: Vinnos do Porto SA, Quinta da vista Alegre, Pinhao - Portugal

Ingredients: Not applicable

Residual sugar: 91.0 g / l

Total acidity: 3.8 g / l

Free SO2: 0.0 mg / l

Total SO2: 32.0 mg / l

Alcohol content: 20.0% vol.