St. Pauls Kalterer See Auslese DOC

St. Pauls Kalterer See Auslese DOC

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St. Pauls Kalterer See Auslese DOC

Light-colored and light red wine from the Vernatsch grape. The area around the beautiful Lake Kaltern is particularly known for this wonderful drinking wine. The Pergola shapes the face of the vineyards in South Tyrol, it is the trademark. The most expensive way of growing vines in the world has always proven itself in South Tyrol. Arbor-like scaffolding made of lots of wood and wire gives the young shoots a hold and ensures that a favorable mini-climate is created under the leafy forest. This prevents the soil from drying out too much in the heat and an almost constant moisture, air and temperature ratio is maintained for the ripening of the grapes.

Technical data

Country of origin: Italy

Region of origin: South-Tyrol

Vintage: 2018

Wine type: red wine

Flavor: dry

Quality level: DOC

Yield per hectare: 77 St.

Aroma: fruity, fresh and lively, harmonious

Taste: mild, rounded, light bitter almond tone, a real treat for the palate

Food recommendation: Starters, white meat, mild cheese, pasta dishes, filled pies

Grape varieties: 100% Vernatsch (Italian Schiava)

Serving temperature: 13 - 15 ° C

Recommended storage: 4 years

Content: 750 ml

Residual sugar: 1.60 g / l

Total acidity: 4.80 g / l

Free SO2: 40.0 mg / l

Total SO2: 95.00 mg / l

Total extract without sugar: 23.90

Alcohol content: 12.5% vol.

Contains sulfites: Yes