Feudi Alberello Primitivo di Manduria

Feudi Alberello Primitivo di Manduria

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Feudi Alberello Primitivo di Manduria

Since 2011, Primitivo di Manduria with residual sweetness can be raised to DOCG status. The basis for this special wine is the Appassimento process - drying the grapes on the stick or on devices. Due to the loss of water, the grape juice and the flavorings it contains are concentrated. The wine gains complexity, a strong body and a distinctive fruit with hints of licorice, dried fruit and figs.

Growing area

The Apulia wine-growing region is located in south-east Italy, between the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The fertile plains of Puglia and the warm, dry climate in summer allow the cultivation of wine. The region has a wine-growing area of ​​over 100,000 hectares and produces around 7.5 million hectoliters of wine a year. The climatic conditions produce rich red wines from the Sangiovese, Primitivo and Negroamaro varieties.


The Varvaglione Vigne e Vini winery is located in Leporano, in the province of Taranto. Favored by climatic conditions, Greek settlers established winegrowing in this region. The third generation runs the estate from Cosimo and Maria Teresa Varvaglione. The owners combine traditional and modern cellar techniques to produce the best quality wines. Cosimo Varvaglione devotes itself meticulously to the indigenous Negroamaro and Primitivo grape varieties and invests a lot of time in the care of the vineyard and wine-growing in the cellar. His efforts are rewarded. The winery is steadily gaining international renown - this has not escaped the tasters of the Gambero Rosso. The annual evaluations are inevitable.

Technical data

Country of origin: Italy

Region of origin: Puglia

Vintage: 2018

Wine type: Red wine

Quality level: DOCG

Fragrance: Aromas of cherries, ripe plums and black currant.

Taste: A harmonious wine. The soft tannins and the powerful and long-lasting finish on the palate make this wine an experience.

Food recommendation: to go with almond biscuits and aged cheese.

Serving temperature: 16-18 ° C

Recommended storage: 6 years

Content: 750 ml

Companies: Feudi Salentini Via Amendola, 36 - 74020 Leporano, Italia

Residual sugar: 67.0 g / l

Total acidity: 5.7 g / l

Alcohol content: 15.0 + 4% vol.

Contains sulfites: Yes

Other allergens: Albumin from egg and/or casein from milk